Magis by Eero Aarnio

Rec.Rec. From vat excluded
Rec.Rec. From vat included

Puppy isn't just any dog. He's as a child imagines a dog when drawing one for the first time: head, body, paws. That's why he's so fantastic, including his colours..

Abstract plastic dog in polyethylene or polyethylene painted glossy or in polycarbonate. .

orange 1001 C - (Pantone 021C) Suitable for outdoor use
green 1360 C - (Pantone 367 C) Suitable for outdoor use
white 1700 C - Suitable for outdoor use

Small (L: 42.5 cm W: 26 cm H: 23.5/34.5 cm)
Medium (L: 56.5 cm W: 34 cm H: 30.5/45 cm)
Large (L: 69.5 cm W: 42 cm H: 37.5/55.5 cm)
X-large (L: 102 cm W: 61.5 cm H: 55/81 cm)

Contains  pcs per package

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