Hotel Torre de Madrid

The newly opened Hotel Torre De Madrid is design by Jaime Hayón. With inspiration from the country's history and culture, Hayón takes us on a visual journey through Spain's past. Hayón has created a magic place that will undoubtedly be a destination not only for the city's tourists but also for Madrid residents.
In the lobby you will meet with a huge sculpture of a bear that lifts the big tall hat in brass and welcomes the hotel guests. This playful but impressive entrance sets the tone for the entire hotel where every unique detail gives the feel of a boutique hotel that actually spans 9 floors.

Catch Lounge JH13
Catch Lounge JH13 &tradition
Rec. 12763 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 15954 SEK vat included
Palette Lounge table JH8
Palette Lounge table JH8 &tradition
Rec. 9571 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 11964 SEK vat included
Palette Lounge table JH7
Palette Lounge table JH7 &tradition
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Rec. 13294 SEK vat included
Catch Chair JH15
Catch Chair JH15 &tradition
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Rec. 6644 SEK vat included