Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto is an international acclaimed italian designer who divides his time between offices Venice and Stockholm.

A graduate from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, he launched his own design firm Nichetto & Partners in 2006, focusing on architecture, interiors and product design. Known for his creative collaborations with designers from Japan, Russia, Italy and elsewhere around the world, Nichetto’s work is characterised by merging classic forms and craftsmanship with personality and versatility using colour palettes inspired by nature. “I think the future is in sharing,” says Nichetto. “It’s much more powerful than being alone. It’s about being open to other perspectives. The best results come when there’s 50 per cent of each.” Cloud is an ideal example of this merging of mindsets. It’s a series of one, two and three-seat sofas and a pouf. In a soft, voluminous shape that creates the illusion of floating on a cloud. “Cloud” has the unadorned shell of Danish design and the comfort of pillows from Italian design. “What I really like about this project is that &tradition and I could go deep into all the details to focus on the fabrics, colours and even the stitching,” said Nichetto. The result is a fantastic fusion of both cultures in one cosy concept"

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