Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel Wilkinson was already winning awards before he opened his industrial design studio in 2008.

A graduate from Ravensboure College of Art & Design, the London-based designer created design consultancy projects for British Airways, Audi, LG, Samsung and Virgin Airways before moving onto furniture and industrial design. Boasting pieces in permanent collections at MoMA, the Cooper-Hewitt and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Wilkinson is on a quest to add a fresh dynamic approach to either form or function. For “Blown”, he researched glass from lighthouses to mirrored bottles and found inspiration from raspberries, which translated into the quilted texture of the glass. Blown is a mouth-blown pendant lamp with a quilted pattern. The texture is rendered using a 3D CAD to model the structure of the metal mould used to imprint the diamond shapes onto the glass. Once shaped in a mould, the glass is inflated by mouth-blowing.

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