One hundred and twentyfive years and four generations. The journey in the furniture industry started in 1895 in Småland more specifically between Emmaboda and Långasjö by Karl Elof and his wife Hulda. In 1914 they moved to Emmaboda and built a property and a furniture factory. 

Karl Elof started a furniture store in a neighboring property in 1928. Mainly manufactured chairs, tables and cabinets. Lennart Gulled took over the firm in 1944.

Furniture transaction ended in the mid-50s, but the grandfather continued to work in the furniture industry. Our dad Calle Gulled, began his career in the industry of Svenssons in Lammhult, Vaxjö Furniture and Zackrisson's Furniture in Mölndal. 
In the early 70s Calle Gulled started to work on Silver's Furniture in Malmö and after this he continued his career as an agent on Creation Baumann for 15 years and then start up Flos and Inter Studio in Sweden.  

Since 2004 Gulled operates by Johan Gulled, Henric Gulled and Bodil Tempel and is representing two of the most acclaimed furniture brands at the moment - Hay and &tradition in Sweden and Finland.