DLM, Don't leave me

HAY by Thomas Bentzen

Rec.Rec. From vat excluded
Rec.Rec. From vat included

Thomas Bentzen’s portable side able is aptly named ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Abbreviated to DLM, it features a convenient handle that allows the metal table to be carried from room to room. Although it has a lightweight and portable structure, the three slanted legs provide great stability. Available in two sizes, the DLM and DLM XL make functional alternatives to traditional coffee tables. Suitable for inside use in most home or office environments.

Powder coated steel

Black (RAL 9004)
White (RAL 9003)
Grey (RAL 7037)
Powder (NCS S2020-Y80R)
Racing green (RAL 6012)
Mint (NCS S2005-B80G)

DLM: Ø38 x H44/58 cm
DLM XL: Ø48,2 x H49,5/65 cm

The following items are normally never out of stock and can be ordered as fast track
(Delivery within 14 days):

DLM, White
DLM XL, Black

Maximum quantity: 10 pcs    

Contains  pcs per package
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