Ruban Mirror

HAY by Inga Sempé

Rec.Rec. From vat excluded
Rec.Rec. From vat included

Ruban Mirror is available in a range of size, each piece achieves a subtle elegance via high detail work, a range of colors and metallic fixtures. each mirror is capable of standing alone or featuring as part of a larger composition.

Mirror, polyester ribbon, oak veneer, MDF, brass

Orange stripe (XS Square)
Blue stripe (S Rectangular)
Rust (S Rectangular)
Light blue (M Rectangular)
Nude (L Square)
Red (L Rectangular)
Green stripe (L Rectangular)
Mint green (L Square)

Square XS: W8.5 x H8.5 x D1 cm
Rectangular S: W10 x H12 x D1 cm
Rectangular M: W16 x H20 x D1 cm
Square L: W26 x H26 x D1 cm
Rectangular L: W43.5 x H13.5 x D1 cm

Contains  pcs per package
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