Henning Larsen Architects

  • Year: 2019

At the office of Henning Larsen Architects, red, yellow, and grey Silhouette sofas, in both high- and low-backed styles, offset the royal blue walls and provide perfect environments for business calls or one-on-one meetings. The bright primary palette is anchored by the sleekness of black Slit Tables, and open-format New Order shelving systems offer ideal spaces for organized display.

“Henning Larsen is an architectural company that appreciates the art of simplicity. Many of the objects they use in their offices, like conference tables, are actually designed by their own architectural department to be beautiful, well-made and above all simple. We chose to complement the simplicity of their designs by paying a lot of attention to color, and going for strong hues in the Le Corbusier color scale." — Rolf Hay

Slit Table Round
Slit Table Round HAY
Rec. 1799 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 2249 SEK vat included