• Location: Kontrast – Oslo, Norway
  • Year: 2018
  • Architect: &tradition & Foodtech

Kontrast is a modern restaurant with a gourmet kitchen that creates dinners based on Norwegian and organic ingredients. With a semi-industrial feel created by concrete and raw floor and exposed pipework, the interior design epitomising the restaurant’s high quality and is considered aesthetic.

Catch Chair JH1
Catch Chair JH1 &Tradition
Rec. 7276 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 9095 SEK vat included
Copenhagen Pendant SC7
Copenhagen Pendant SC7 &Tradition
Rec. 3116 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 3895 SEK vat included
Loafer Lounge Chair SC23
Loafer Lounge Chair SC23 &Tradition
Rec. 15036 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 18795 SEK vat included
In Between Table SK3
In Between Table SK3 &Tradition
Rec. 7756 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 9695 SEK vat included
In Between Chair SK2 Other fabrics
In Between Chair SK2 Other fabrics &Tradition
Rec. 5116 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 6395 SEK vat included
Hoof Table SW1
Hoof Table SW1 &Tradition
Rec. 2956 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 3695 SEK vat included