Løvtag Hotel

Conceived by architect Sigurd Larsen, the Løvtag Hotel is a treetop cabin in the Danish forest that features an intimate indoor space and an ample roof terrace.

To furnish this magical abode, Larsen chose HAY products that complement the unique nature of the space, such as the Dapper lounge chair: compact in size and organic in its shape and material, it reflects the wooden walls and floors surrounding it.

In the kitchen area, Palissade Chairs and a Neu Table in quiet gray tones have a clean and contemporary silhouette, while a PC Portable Lamp can be used inside or taken upstairs for light in the evening. Olive-green Palissade Chairs, Palissade Armchairs, and a Palissade Cone Table on the roof mirror the surrounding trees, respecting the natural feeling of the environment.