Miramonti Boutique Hotel – Hafling-Meran, Italy

The Miramonti Boutique Hotel is a living tradition. The hotel opened its doors for the first time as a guest home in 1932 and has developed into a business hotel with spacious rooms with clear and minimalist design. Miramonti is far away from everyday life and close to the roots of nature which is reflected in the natural and simple colour palette in the interior.

The Moor by All the way to Paris
Journey by Signe Hytte
Pavilion by Anderssen & Voll
Lato by Luca Nichetto
Copenhagen by Space Copenhagen
Cloud by Samuel Wilkinson

Copenhagen Table lamp SC13
Copenhagen Table lamp SC13 &Tradition
Rec. 4636 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 5795 SEK vat included
Copenhagen Floor lamp SC14
Copenhagen Floor lamp SC14 &Tradition
Rec. 8716 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 10895 SEK vat included
Lato Table LN8/LN9
Lato Table LN8/LN9 &Tradition
Rec. 4156 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 5195 SEK vat included
Cloud Pouf LN4
Cloud Pouf LN4 &Tradition
Rec. 10396 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 12995 SEK vat included
Pavilion Chair w.arms AV4 Seat upholstery
Pavilion Chair w.arms AV4 Seat upholstery &Tradition
Rec. 4956 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 6195 SEK vat included
Journey Table & Wall lamp SHY1/SHY2
Journey Table & Wall lamp SHY1/SHY2 &Tradition
Rec. 2316 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 2895 SEK vat included
Cloud 2-seater LN2
Cloud 2-seater LN2 &Tradition
Rec. 31916 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 39895 SEK vat included
Cloud 1-seater LN1
Cloud 1-seater LN1 &Tradition
Rec. 24956 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 31195 SEK vat included