Dream Hotel

  • Location: 33870 Tampere, Finland
  • Made by: Studio Puisto Architects
  • Architect: Studio Puisto Architects
  • Photographer: Patrik Rastenberger
  • Link: Rastenberger

Dream hotel is designed as an upscale extension to the popular Dream Hostel. To create a peaceful warm atmosphere and at the same time use materials responsibly, there is an extensive use of natural materials.  With the Dream Hotel the architects have made a unique hotel concept, blurring the lines between a hotel and a hostel. Rather than full filling the conventional hotel standards it tries to offer everything that a guests really needs for a good nights sleep.

About a chair AAC23
About a chair AAC23 HAY
Rec. 3759 SEK vat excluded
Rec. 4699 SEK vat included