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New Order is a new way of thinking, it’s an untraditional approach to traditional storage in a system with carefully designed functionalities. The New Order modular system means endless combinations and possibilities. The New Order can be tall or short, wide or narrow, open or closed – or any combination in between. The system can be used both in public and private environments.

New Order 2.0 has been adapted and developed to fit the ever-changing demands of the work environment. Together with the HAY team, Stefan Diez has elevated the functionality and quality of the entire New Order System by extending the long list of customizable parts and accessories. The innovative modular system’s components now include tables in a range of heights, as well as steel doors, drawers and panels that can be added without tools and still withstand the everyday use of a busy office. Accessory elements such as, cable management, textile panels, trolleys, sheet metal shelves, lighting components and screens have also evolved, and are adaptable to specific spaces and needs. An unlimited amount of combinations and size possibilities allows the New Order System to grow together with your workspace.

Army: NCS S 7005-G50Y
Charcoal: RAL 7021
Light grey: RAL 9018
Red: NCS S 0585-Y80R

- Please contact us to customize your New Order system. Contact us here

HAY New Order 2.0 / Adjustable Shelves in Steel
HAY New Order 2.0 / Cable Management
HAY New Order 2.0 / Drawers
HAY New Order 2.0 / Panels
NEW ORDER for HAY - Sheet metal parts
HAY New Order 2.0 / Shelves/Trays Single Profiles
HAY New Order 2.0 / Shelves/Trays - Wall Brackets
HAY New Order 2.0 / Steel Sliding Doors
HAY New Order 2.0 / Table Management
HAY New Order 2.0 / Table Shelf Connector
HAY New Order 2.0 / Tables - Single Legs/Double Legs
HAY New Order 2.0 / Table Wall Connectors
HAY New Order 2.0 / Tray/Shelf Divider
HAY New Order 2.0 / Trolley
HAY New Order 2.0 / Wooden Sliding Doors
- New Order Living Product presentation 


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